About us

NGO "EWB" was legally registered in 2021 in Maryinka, Donetsk region, as a voluntary, non-governmental, apolitical organization in Ukraine.

Mission Organization - promoting peace and civil society development through the implementation of educational programs to raise awareness of the citizens of Ukraine

The supreme governing body of the Organization is the General Meeting.

Areas of activity of the Organization:

🔹 Development and implementation of capacity building programs for civil society institutions and community leaders;

🔹 Organizing and conducting symposiums, conferences, seminars, training courses, debates, festivals, exhibitions, campaigns in support of human rights and freedoms, other educational and educational activities designed to promote our goal;

🔹 Providing technical, advisory, mentoring and informational support to civil society institutions and community leaders;

🔹 Promoting interaction between civil society, public and private sectors;

🔹 Promoting the efficiency of government and local self-government institutions;

🔹 Promoting the development of local communities, both directly and through local governments;

🔹 Promoting the development and development of a legal, democratic, developed civil society in Ukraine;