Our projects

Help Ukraine 

We cannot stay aside when a state of war has been declared in Ukraine, and a large part of the country has been engulfed in hostilities.

The activities of our organization "Education without Borders" were focused on educational programs and projects. In connection with the start of hostilities and the imposition of martial law, we are launching a new project "Help without Borders"

Many areas already need help, in the form of food, water, heat, shelter. Children are left without fathers, women without husbands, mothers lose sons. It is necessary to stop and restore the PEACE.

1000 Computers of Kindness

1000 Computers of Kindness is a social project aimed at providing used laptops and computers to teachers and children from low-income and large families living in villages and small towns of the Mariinsky district of Donetsk region, for development, distance learning and discovering new opportunities and knowledge from around the world.


"Road of Kindness"

Simulation platform for tolerant treatment of people with special needs 

Non-Governmental Organization "Education without Borders" is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit public organization that unites citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens and stateless persons on a voluntary basis, based on unity of interests for joint realization of their rights and freedoms, goals and activities.

The organization was legally registered in 2021.

Areas of activity of the Organization

🔹 Development and implementation of capacity building programs for civil society institutions and community leaders;

🔹 Organizing and conducting symposiums, conferences, seminars, training courses, debates, festivals, exhibitions, campaigns in support of human rights and freedoms, other educational and educational activities designed to promote our goal;

🔹 Providing technical, advisory, mentoring and informational support to civil society institutions and community leaders;

🔹 Promoting the development of local communities, both directly and through local governments;

🔹 Promoting the development and development of a legal, democratic, developed civil society in Ukraine;